Cookies are used in certain areas of the website. The cookies are files that store information on your hard disk or web browser.

Cookies, for example, make it possible for the website to recognise if you have visited previously, or, by allowing us to see which sites you visit and how much time you spend there, help us understand what part of the website is most popular. By studying this, we can better adjust the site to your needs and offer a more varied user experience. With the help of cookies, we can assure that the information displayed on your next visit to the site will meet your expectations.

When you visit one of our websites, technical information may be gathered that does not allow you to be personally identified. For example, the name of another website that directed you here, the location from where you accessed the website, and searches queries completed on the website. Collecting this information helps us identify the preferred search habits of our website users without using their personal data. Such information is used strictly for internal purposes. Anonymous or general data from which your person cannot be identified does not qualify as personal data.

You can change the web configuration to either accept cookies, delete all cookies, or receive notification when cookies appear on your machine. Since all web applications are different, we ask that you use the ‘Help’ menu on your browser to adjust your cookie settings.

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The website uses Google Inc.’s Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics set cookies to identify unique users, identify unique sessions, store information about users’ sessions and campaigns. Information stored by a cookie (including User IP Address) is stored on Google Inc.’s US servers. Google Analytics does not store and does not allow, any personally identifiable information in its cookies.

Google Inc.’s “Privacy Policy” can be found at the following link:

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